Mentorship Program



More than 40 students from the US and Canada volunteer in our mentorship program in which mentors provide one-on-one guidance and support to the underprivileged children in Pakistan.

Through this program, students not only gain confidence and self-esteem but also undergo positive transformations in their overall personality and outlook. We also provide financial assistance to ensure the well-being of these students.



Aspiring Futures is committed to providing full support to the families of five students, such as Mustafa’s and Mehreen’s families. We firmly believe that in order for children to thrive in their education, it is essential to ensure that their basic needs are inclusively met. Our dedication to this project drives us to expand our reach, with the ultimate goal of creating an environment where every child’s fundamental requirements are met, enabling them to excel in their education and beyond.



We are committed to ensuring proper upbringing and providing quality education for girls at our shelter home. We are proud to announce that our facility has now expanded to a bigger and more spacious vicinity. Our dedication to their well-being remains firm as we continue to empower and nurture the bright futures of these girls.


Shelter Home


Shelter Home

We have now acquired premises for a boys’ shelter home that is ready for occupancy. The boys from rural areas will be moving in shortly, where they will receive a nurturing environment to learn, grow, and dream.



Aspiring Futures USA has supported the complete living and educational costs of many students while also providing living cost assistance to several families. Additionally, Aspiring Futures is fully funding the operational cost of one school building in a rural-urban area for underprivileged children.

In collaboration with Al Furqan Welfare Organization, we are also constructing a new school building for underprivileged children. Phase 1 is completed, while phases 2 and 3 are currently underway.

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